Twitter Selling User Data, Climate & Language, and Dinner in 100 Years



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Last Week in Plain English
Twitter Selling User Data, Climate & Language, and Dinner in 100 Years
By In Plain English • Issue #30 • View online
The ice and snow that once characterized Greenland’s topography are disappearing. Icebergs now float on water that was once a frozen sea. The country with a rich vocabulary for ice and snow is now literally at a loss of words for the changes global warming has wrought.
Apart from Greenland’s ice and snow, what could also disappear are the California avocados. With the projected temperature rise of 2.7 degrees by 2040, droughts, flooding, and other extreme weather events would be rampant. This could have a serious impact on agriculture - and your favorite veggie might go extinct. Drastic changes to our menu might be imminent. Maybe we will produce food out of the air - by synthesizing the carbon in the air to make chicken for instance.
What determines your success? We take a look at the three keys to success that MIT professor, the late Patrick Winston specified.
Referring to himself as the “dinosaur of computer art”, Herbert W Franke launches his Twitter account for the first time in his 90s. From being rejected and scorned to finally being recognized as a revolutionary artist - we take a look at the man who virtually invented computer art. 
In other news, Twitter was fined for using users’ data to sell targeted ads. This comes after Twitter had vowed to withhold personal information like phone numbers or email addresses from advertisers.
If you are annoyed by “Cookie Preferences” pop-ups on your browser, Lou Montulli, the creator of cookies, explains what they are and how you can handle them. 
In addition, we bring you pieces on how to become a better developer, mastering the useEffect() hook, and how to find and fix code vulnerabilities using Snyk.
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All this and more in this week’s edition of Last Week in Plain English.

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