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Talented Yet Still Poor, Hardest Dev Career Moments, Lost Amazon Cities

Last Week in Plain English
Talented Yet Still Poor, Hardest Dev Career Moments, Lost Amazon Cities
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Today, the average internet user is well-familiar with VPNs. Indeed, according to a recent Statista report, the United States experienced a massive 124% increase in VPN usage between March 8th and March 22nd alone. But should business owners also be opting for Enterprise-scale VPNs? Our piece this week looks into how “privacy” and “security”—two major concerns driving VPN use—are also applicable to businesses and how VPNs assist businesses and individuals in scanning their devices for malware and encrypting their data to prevent unauthorized access while thwarting potential threats.
When it comes to front-end development, building a scalable front end is crucial. This is an organizational issue affecting both engineering and design teams, one that can’t be solved by simply using reusable components. As author Prithwish Nath puts it, “What we need is a design system — with a unified visual language that lets us not only reuse properties but also make cosmetic changes at will without worrying about component functionality.” This is where theming as a concept comes in. This concept achieves the desired separation between the look and feel of components and their underlying logic and systems, thus freeing up design teams to tackle larger problems.
We also look at how a computer model of wealth creation confirms that successful people are not necessarily the most talented; and how physicists are creating neural networks out of vibrations, voltages, and lasers, claiming that the future of computing lies in harnessing the universe’s complex physical behaviors.
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All this and more in this week’s edition of Last Week in Plain English.

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