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Starships, Brain-monitoring, and Indian tea joints

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Starships, Brain-monitoring, and Indian tea joints
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In this week’s issue, we’ve gathered stories on a variety of topics, including America’s employee crisis, space exploration, and using technology to combat climate change, among other topics - things you’ll enjoy reading. Take a deep breath and dive right in.
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Americans have been quitting more than ever for half a year — another 4.4 million just left their jobs in September
‘The Great Resignation’ shows no sign of stopping as a record number of Americans continue to quit their jobs, leaving employers puzzled and fumbling to match job openings with the pool of available employees. Is this trend a unanimous call for better working standards? Are better wages around the corner?
An algorithm to predict psychotic illnesses
Research teams from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and the EPFL have used longitudinal network analysis on children to detect signs that could indicate the onset of psychotic illness in the future.
How an Indian Tea Joint Leveraged the Cloud for Online Success
The success story of an Indian tea joint retail chain that took to the cloud and reaped the benefits - making the best of Amazon Web Services.
Neuroscientists explore mysterious 'events' in the brain that open new avenues for understanding brain injuries and disorders
Computational neuroscientists are investigating previously unexamined bursts of activity in the human brain using a new model of brain activity. These bursts could be used as biomarkers for brain disease and other conditions like depression, schizophrenia, dementia, and ADHD.
Nvidia Launches Earth 2 and Goes to War Against Climate Change
Nvidia promises to build a virtual twin of planet Earth. Earth 2, as it’s termed, is a simulation of our ecosphere to better predict the future of the planet. Is predictive technology the answer to a better future?
What is Elon Musk's Starship?
In the eventuality of human extinction on Earth, how can we save civilization? Do we settle on Mars as a cataclysm unfolds on planet Earth? A settlement requires people. How to send hundreds of people to another planet? Elon Musk has the perfect solution.
Introducing Clevr: The Artificial Intelligence Platform for Everyone
An initiative to democratize Artificial Intelligence, learn about Clevr, an online platform that seeks to make Machine Learning and AI accessible for the average person. Easy to use, affordable and open, Clevr “is an online platform for everyone, regardless of their experience or expertise, to build and use ML”.
Cognixion raises $12M to build its brain-monitoring headset for people with disabilities
Cognixion is the startup behind an intuitive brain-monitoring headset that acts as an interface for people with physical disabilities. The headset uses electroencephalography to detect certain patterns of brain activity. To further its accessibility goals, the company has managed to raise $12M.
Python releases version 3.9.8 to resolve macOS troubles
Python addresses its macOS 12 Monterey issues in a new update. Read more to find out.
5 Modern Ways to Deploy Your Web App to the Internet
Deploying a web app to the internet can often befuddle newbie developers. This accessible guide lets you in on all the tools you need to know about to get your website online with almost no effort.
Twitter launches Twitter API v2 to provide its data to developers
Twitter has launched Twitter API v2 that lets developers have greater access to the platform’s data (between 500,000 and 2 million messages per month). Developers can now build applications allowing them to customize the flow of Twitter messages.
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