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Monkeypox Outbreak, Internet Reboot & Fighting Malaria w/ Gene Drives

Last Week in Plain English
Monkeypox Outbreak, Internet Reboot & Fighting Malaria w/ Gene Drives
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Monkeypox infections are spreading quickly around the world. According to a database compiled by researchers at the University of Oxford and Harvard Medical School, there have been 62 confirmed cases of Monkeypox and 55 suspected cases. We look into what the Monkeypox virus is, what its symptoms are and how seriously it should be taken.
The internet has had many different phases. Those of us who grew up with the internet before the global financial crisis of 2008 may remember a very different version of it than the one that is used today. Post-2008, a new phase of the internet began based on apps and APIs (application programming interfaces), which are pieces of code that allow applications to communicate with one another without the user’s knowledge. While this has allowed for greater “connectivity”, it has also made room for data harvesting and widened the scope for surveillance. Today, the online world is run by tech companies that we are largely dependent on but who we instinctively don’t trust. William Davies asks if there’s an alternative.
Gene drives are a process of genetic modification that sounds like something right out of a science-fiction model. Present-day research is focusing on using this technology to combat malaria. However, environmental campaigner Liz O'Neill warns that such technology is extremely worrying. “To release something that has been specifically created in a laboratory in order to outfight nature, and spread without exception within wild populations, is extraordinarily arrogant, ” she says. “And once the genie is out of the bottle, you cannot put it back in.“
Additionally, we look into using WebSockets in Vue 3, the best Python libraries for algorithmic coding, an introduction to PyScript with code examples, how to make your GitHub profile stand out to impress recruiters, and important RxJS operators for 2022.
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All this and more in this week’s edition of Last Week in Plain English. Have a good day ahead.

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