Lab-Grown Black Hole, Coders' Language Barrier & Newest React Hook



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Last Week in Plain English
Lab-Grown Black Hole, Coders' Language Barrier & Newest React Hook
By In Plain English • Issue #27 • View online
React hooks were created to help you write functional components that are clean, extensible, and easy to understand. This week, we’ll take a look at useEvent(), the latest hook provided by the React team and dubbed the “missing piece in the original Hooks release.” It “will change the way you write modern React,” as author James Brightman puts it.
We also examine how the JavaScript forEach() method and the ‘typeof’ operator work. In addition, author Paul Knulst offers an 11-step guide to becoming a full-stack developer.
Following that, we look at how the factory design pattern can be used in Python, as well as 5 essential SQL functions for data analysis.
Furthermore, we investigate the challenges that non-English speaking coders face in their coding careers. In the coding world, English is considered the de facto lingua franca. Román, a Latin American tech worker, says when he first started out, everything was in English, and “it was very difficult to have to constantly translate and understand it in my language.”
We also look at the UK government’s plans to rein in Big Tech and how a lab-grown black hole created by scientists could potentially destroy the planet.
An additional announcement: In Plain English is now introducing its very own Talent Collective, alongside our new Jobs Board, which aims to connect a global pool of talented professionals and companies looking for new recruits.
Don’t forget to check out the Featured Job section if you’re looking for an opportunity as a Senior Software Engineer (Java).
All this and more on this week’s edition of Last Week in Plain English.

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