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Global Climate Goal, Bioelectronic AI Hybrid & China's Giant Sinkhole

Last Week in Plain English
Global Climate Goal, Bioelectronic AI Hybrid & China's Giant Sinkhole
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A Guardian investigation shows that major oil and gas companies are planning projects that belittle the internationally agreed-upon temperature goals.
Moreover, according to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, “the 2020s must be a decade of transformation if we are to stand any chance of achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement.” Instead of relying on carbon capture and storage (CCS), greater emphasis must be placed on reducing the energy demands and promoting sustainable practices.
At this juncture, unless major governments intervene, these big oil and gas projects could “shatter the 1.5C climate goal.”
Meanwhile, scientists have discovered a giant sinkhole in China with a forest at its bottom. This forest could be home to many unknown species of flora and fauna.
“Individual artificial intelligence as a bioelectronic hybrid will have fundamental advantages over both the biological brain and any computer system.” Alex Kostikov explores what might happen if the human brain fuses with a computer and how it will impact humanity at large.
This week we bring you tutorial pieces on reducing request latency in your API, extracting tweets using Python, and using decorators in JavaScript. Also, take a look at the list of valuable GitHub repositories that Kuldeep Patel has compiled.
For JavaScript developers, we have a story that explores the reasons behind the popularity of this programming language and lists the salaries offered to JS developers at top companies.
In addition, Chris Nielsen shows how the performance trade-off in his cross-platform web app went unnoticed by users.
Don’t forget to check out the Featured Jobs section if you’re looking for opportunities as a Senior Software Engineer, Senior DevOps/MLOps/Platform Engineer, and Tech Intern.
All this and more in this week’s edition of Last Week in Plain English.

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