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GIF Creator's Death, Billions-Costing Software Errors, and AI Hiring Bias

Last Week in Plain English
GIF Creator's Death, Billions-Costing Software Errors, and AI Hiring Bias
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AI might be a bad choice if you want to root out inequality from the hiring process. While AI is efficient at automating certain menial tasks, bias ingrained in its algorithm makes its decision-making unreliable for bias-free recruitment. On a separate note, find out how the biggest hurdle to AI gaining sentience is none other than Physics.
Viral war videos could actually be clips from realistic video games. Find out how scammers are circulating fake videos to increase their social media following. The spread of misinformation has also caught the American far-right media off-guard as they fell for a tall claim that “Ukraine was developing biological weapons with the assistance of the U.S. government.”
In addition, we bring you an assortment of tech know-how: how to share your Machine Learning app easily, essential usages of React’s useEffect() hook, how to refactor global variables in JavaScript, and why using ‘switch’ is a bad idea.
Don’t forget to check out the Featured Job section if you’re looking for an opportunity as a Backend Software Engineer.
All this and more in this week’s edition of Last Week in Plain English.

The Man Who Invented the GIF has Died
How the Laws of Physics could Prevent AI from Gaining Sentience
Featured Job
Backend Software Engineer @ Empower
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React useEffect() Hook: Essential Usages You Must Know
The Oxford Teen Who is Accused of Being a Multi-Millionaire Cyber-Criminal
EU Negotiators Agree to Laws for Squashing Big Tech Monopoly Abuse
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