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Frontend Interview Mistakes, Netflix's Crisis & Crawling in Data Science

Last Week in Plain English
Frontend Interview Mistakes, Netflix's Crisis & Crawling in Data Science
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This week we bring you a true story of how a $200k developer ended up unemployed - left penniless in his quest to generate passive income. 
For the first time in a decade, Netflix has started losing subscribers and expects to lose 2 million more. “The streaming giant laid off 25 marketing staffers following the drop and is reining in spending.” What does this crisis mean for the future of the streaming platform?
Meanwhile, Airbnb announces that its employees are free to work remotely for as long as they prefer, without any effect on their pay. This comes at a time when employees at companies like Google are experiencing a pay cut if they choose to work from home.
In other news, writer Davis David outlines the role of web crawling in Data Science, provides a guide on building a web crawler tool, and recommends no-code web crawling tools for data science projects.
In addition, writer and front-end developer, Isak Solheim speaks about his experiences in front-end interviews and provides his input on what to do and what to avoid.
Don’t forget to check out the Featured Jobs section if you’re looking for opportunities as a Full Stack Engineer, Staff SRE/DevOps Engineer, and Senior Cloud Security Engineer. 
All this and more in this week’s edition of Last Week in Plain English.

How Netflix’s Crisis Could Turn into a Huge Opportunity or Leave Executives 'More Scared and Paralyzed than They Already Were.'
Featured Jobs
Founding Fullstack Engineer @ Utopia Labs
Staff SRE / DevOps Engineer @ Trusted
Senior Cloud Security Engineer @ Tanium
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How is Web Crawling Used in Data Science
Airbnb to Let Staff Work from Home Indefinitely
China’s Weibo will Post Users’ IP Locations to Crack Down on “Bad Behavior”
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