Fastest Programmer Firing, Pinterest's Newest Feature and Wordle's Overwhelming Sale



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Last Week in Plain English
Fastest Programmer Firing, Pinterest's Newest Feature and Wordle's Overwhelming Sale
By In Plain English • Issue #14 • View online
All of my friends have been playing Wordle. Have you given it a try yet? I can definitely tell you it’s fun and edifying based on personal experience. In any case, did you know New York Times has bought the game for millions? Yes, we look into that this week.
To help beginners along in their programming journey, this week, we look into the best IDE for Python in 2022. Along with that, for our JavaScript enthusiasts, we have a guide to the optional chaining (?.).
For our more experienced JavaScript developers, we have a very interesting piece from author Marian Čaikovski that looks into how console.log() can make the browser crash.
As for more news from the tech world, did you know there’s been a drastic fall in the number of Facebook’s daily active users? Or how about how Meta took a massive plunge in market value within the space of one day?
All this and more in this week’s edition of Last Week in Plain English!

Wordle Inventor 'Overwhelmed' as New York Times Buys Game for Millions
My Company Has Fired a Programmer in the Fastest Time in History
How to Make a Browser Crash with console.log()
Snowflake vs Redshift vs BigQuery: The Differences
Microsoft to Test New Experimental Windows 11 Features
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