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Fact-checking Viral Tweets, React's Security Issues and the Anti-Crypto Celeb

Last Week in Plain English
Fact-checking Viral Tweets, React's Security Issues and the Anti-Crypto Celeb
By In Plain English • Issue #18 • View online
React continues to be popular in the web development world for good reason, but there are security pitfalls you should be aware of. This week’s issue highlights some common React security vulnerabilities that are often overlooked.
Monolithic organizations are no longer a success story in the modern context. “The modern enterprise must lean into the composable transformation and move away from monoliths.” We bring you a guide to “review the composable enterprise transformation and provide implementation tools and solutions.”
Cryptocurrency is definitely a hot topic these days, but for a change, we bring you an alternate perspective from an “anti-crypto” celebrity. 
And among other things, understand how Promise.all works in JavaScript, figure out which is the best backend technology for your upcoming project, check the authenticity of a viral tweet, and learn about a surveillance system built by the police for monitoring protesters after the murder of George Floyd.
All this and more in this week’s edition of Last Week in Plain English.

How to Protect Your App From React Security Vulnerabilities
The Composable Enterprise: A Guide
How the Propaganda War is Eclipsing the Cyberwar in Ukraine
Meet the ‘Anti-Crypto’ Influencer
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