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Cops Chasing Pokémon, JavaScript Scandal, and Top Web3 Trends in 2022

Last Week in Plain English
Cops Chasing Pokémon, JavaScript Scandal, and Top Web3 Trends in 2022
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It’s been an exciting week with a lot of noteworthy events that we are excited to share with you. Grab a cup of coffee and make yourselves comfortable as we bring to you the story of the latest JavaScript open-source scandal. Did you know that YouTube has emerged as one of the major sources of online disinformation? Thankfully, a computer model that analyses misinformation has also come up with the necessary countermeasures. If these are not eventful enough, we even had cops chasing Pokémon instead of robbers!
On a different note, how valid are the complaints of the JavaScript ecosystem being “bloated” and a “huge mess”? Author Anthony Cyrille looks into it (JavaScript is Not What It Used To Be). We also look into Web 3.0 trends that developers should follow this year. And of course, in order to make coding more accessible as always, we look into how to master Python this year, choosing between Django and Flask when it comes to web dev, and weird JavaScript class tricks!

Some Questions in Relation to the Latest JavaScript Open Source Scandal
The Latest Phishing Scam to Watch Out for
Cops Fired for Chasing Pokémon instead of Robbers
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