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Bad code, deadly floods, and is React dead?

Last Week in Plain English
Bad code, deadly floods, and is React dead?
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Hello everyone!
We’re a little bit late this week, please accept our apologies! 🤓
If you’re new here, thank you for being with us! Here are some things we want to shed light on from the previous week.

Are you writing bad code?
As programmers, we tend to learn from our mistakes - or at least you’d hope we would. Sometimes we learn and grow, but sometimes we just don’t know. Whatever side you fall on, here’s a bunch of signs that might indicate the amount of growth you’ve made. At the very least, you’ll probably get a chuckle or two!
10 Signs That You Are Writing Bad code | by Entreprogrammer | Oct, 2021 | JavaScript in Plain English
Climate change continues to kill
Whatever part of the world you’re in, climate change is having an impact. Some of us are fortunate enough to only experience chaotic weather patterns. But for others, people are dying.
The southern state of Kerala in India experienced severe flooding, which killed at least 20 people. Meanwhile, flash floods wrecked havoc in the north-east state of West Bengal.
Some of us are fortunate, others less so. At the very least, we should continue to educate ourselves and stay aware of how climate change in affecting the world.
More than 20 dead after floods hit southern India | Reuters
Heavy rain in south Bengal likely to continue over next 48 hrs | Kolkata - Hindustan Times
Will Web Components replace React + Vue?
As the author humorously points out, the answer is likely no. But will we reach a point in time where Web Components are a viable and popular solution to the frontend framework need?
This article by Marius Bongarts tackles the topic.
Will Web Components Replace Frontend Frameworks? | by Marius Bongarts | Oct, 2021 | JavaScript in Plain English
Thank you for reading, and take care. We look forward to seeing you next week ☺️
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