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100K/Year Developer Roadmap, New React 18 Hook, and Colony on Mars

Last Week in Plain English
100K/Year Developer Roadmap, New React 18 Hook, and Colony on Mars
By In Plain English • Issue #15 • View online
AI and Machine Learning algorithms are slowly being integrated into our lives. Will AI eventually replace humans? That’s a question worth pondering. This week we look into how Artificial Intelligence and humans match up against each other when it comes to taking the right money-making decisions.
Should we accept our extinction when eventually the sun expands and kills all life? Elon Musk suggests we aim at becoming a multi-planetary species to preserve our civilization in the extreme event of Earth’s destruction. And he might finally be close to realizing that ambition. We follow SpaceX’s goals of flight to the Moon and to Mars and beyond in this issue.
One of our topics for this week explores a major component of modern marketing - the use of our phones for keeping tabs on us. Is it safe to let our phones overhear our conversations? How do we stop them from listening to us? 
Along with this, we bring you killer Python programming features that will help you hone your programming skills, a roadmap to become a 100k/year Python developer, the best websites for downloading or listening to audiobooks, a professional developer’s seven rules to double your productivity, the four simple steps to improve your web app’s performance, six projects to get you started as a back-end developer, etc.
All this and more in this week’s edition of Last Week in Plain English!

7 Rules I Used to Double My Coding Productivity Over 4 Years of Professional Experience
Just How Much Does Your Phone Listen to Sell You Targeted Ads?
The 7 Best Places to Download or Listen to Free Audiobooks
New Map of Meaning in the Brain Changes Ideas about Memory
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